Advent’s Mission Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Advent International is committed to advocating and promoting diversity and inclusion within Advent and our portfolio companies. We believe success means equality of opportunity for all of our people, thus creating an inclusive environment that values diversity of background, experience, ideas and opinions. Enhancing diversity efforts across all underrepresented groups supports our most important asset, our employees, and makes us more competitive and better investors. Our mission is centered on four pillars of diversity and inclusion within Advent, our boards, our portfolio companies and our advisors – recruitment, retention, development and culture.



We are building diverse global teams for the future, to meet the needs of our employees, to create diversity of thought, especially around our investment making decisions, and to connect with a diverse group of portfolio companies, investors and advisors.



We have created an inclusive environment and culture including industry leading benefit programs and policies that provide all employees a career without limits.


  • Pay and promotion equality
  • Inclusive benefit programs for all the family structures, genders and sexual orientation
  • Promote a working environment that seeks balance in life with commitments to family, community service and outside interests



We foster a creative environment that promotes engagement through awareness and training, help managers address and reduce unconscious biases, and break down stereotypes and perceived barriers to advancement opportunities to all underrepresented groups.


  • Equitable career development and opportunities
  • Bias free staffing and feedback processes
  • Support via sponsorship, mentorship and networking programs
  • Leadership training, unconscious bias training and broader diversity training programs



Diversity at Advent is not a set of policies on paper; it is completely integrated with our culture, our behaviors and in how we see our future.

Advent promotes a transparent and inclusive environment that views diversity and inclusion objectives with the same lens as any critical business objective where all people feel respected and treated fairly.



We are committed to creating an inclusive culture through industry-leading benefit programs and policies that support employees in various life and career stages, and is flexible for working parents and non-parents alike.

Our benefits program focused on diversity and inclusion has allowed us to create a flexible culture that meets the needs of today’s changing workforce.

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